The World of Blogging

Hi!  This adventure into blogging is new territory for me. Sure, I love perusing other people’s blogs and seeing life through their eyes for a few moments, but I am not that interesting.  It can be so refreshing for me to see things outside of my little circle.  Sometimes it can be disheartening, because I get into the rut of thinking that I am not good enough or whatever else. Well, I never thought I would ever write a blog or open myself up to people who I didn’t trust.  But, it was one of those things that hits you like a bolt of lightning.  One day in my happy, little world a thought came and I knew that I needed to start a blog.  I came up with all sorts of reasons NOT too, but ultimately I felt pushed toward creating a blog.  In a way it was freeing to actually create something that didn’t involve a million pieces of paper cut by my kids with LOTS of glue and a lot of cute kid imagination (not saying that it is not fun, but a different kind of creating).  I found myself excited to explore different thoughts in my head and to just write.  I have long been a journal writer and have felt that I could write, in my own little world, but the outside seems so “scary”.

Truth be told, I am an introvert.  Seriously…like the 1% super introverted of the world.  I took this little personality test that my husband took (because he and his coworkers had been talking about personality types) and low an behold…an introvert.  I wasn’t really surprised, but I was surprised that my lovely husband and I BOTH were categorized into that little group of 1%.  Well, this information started me on this quest to find out more about myself and to understand who I was.  Enter a game changer…an amazing read called, “Quiet” by Susan Cain.  You can read more about her and her book here. I will write another post about that later.  So this blog is me being selectively extroverted. I hope you enjoy the randomness and craziness of life with me!  Thanks for stopping by!