A long hug

Have you ever heard of the Piano Guys?  If you haven’t it, you should.  Tragedy struck one of them 2 weeks ago.  There has been lots about it in the media where I live, I have shed tears about it and struggled with what I would do as a parent.  Truthfully, being a mom has been hard this past week with my daughter.  I feel like every day is a battle of figuring out how to help her feel GOOD and not sick.  It is hard because sometimes she looks great and is laughing, but people don’t see the tears, hear her cries or see her in pain at all crazy hours of the night.  As I have been trying to figure out how to help, my mind has been drawn to the experiences of the Piano Guys.

Today I read this blog post https://thepianoguys.com/message-piano-guy-cello-guy/.  Read it and think about what it means to you.

Then give someone a long hug…just because.


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