Confessions of THIS mom, Part II…chips and cookies.

I had you at one of those two words; chips and cookies.  What comes to mind when you read those two words?  Let me just clarify one thing…tortilla chips and cookies.  Don’t those two things just make you happy, make your mouth water, and think about good times?  Well, here is my confession.  I love tortilla chips and I love cookies.

Now let me get a little picky.  I love really good tortilla chips.  I usually can tell if a Mexican restaurant is going to be good by the tortilla chips.  If they are the ones that you would buy at the grocery store that taste more like cardboard than a hot, fried corn tortilla then I automatically down grade the place.  Last fall, my husband and I went to Washington D.C. and found a quaint little tortilla shop to eat at and the chips were FANTASTIC!  Yum!  So I usually buy tortilla chips every 2 weeks, I just love them; crunchy, salty, and with the right salsa and guac…oh and taco salad (I pretty much eat taco salad for lunch almost every day).  I have a couple of favorite tortilla chips, but I usually don’t buy one because they are like $5 a bag and I eat too many chips to justify that, but it’s by a local company called Rico.  They are really good.  But my go-to are from Juanita’s.  They are out of Oregon and I love their chips.


Now, don’t get me wrong I will eat other chips, even if they are not my favorite because you say chips and salsa and I am there!

Now cookies.  I love cookies.  Sometimes my cute hubby and I will text back and forth and say silly things like, “I love you more than brownies”, etc.  I do love him more than cookies, but I love cookies.  For a long time I didn’t eat chocolate because it was a migraine trigger for me and if I decided to eat chocolate I ate A LOT of it!  When I was pregnant with my first baby this trigger went away and I pretty much ate at least one cookie every day and it was AMAZING!  20170701_134920

I would say my favorite kind of cookies are chocolate chip oatmeal when they are still a little warm from the oven.  My mouth is watering, I need some cookies in my life! Anyway, I haven’t really met a cookie I didn’t like, although cakey cookies are not really my favorite, I put them in the muffin category. This year for my birthday we are having cookie ice cream sandwiches and I can hardly wait (I actually think that is what we had last year for my birthday too)!  20170626_202101So go find a cookie and enjoy it!  Send me your favorite cookie recipes, I will try them all!