Just an ordinary person

I have always been enamored with the thought of how one person can make a difference.  For some reason it just strikes me how just a little person can do so much good or so much bad.  I have been reflecting lately on how in my life it definitely has been little things that have made a difference.  And all those little things involved people that were ordinary people but people who stepped up and where DOING something.  I guess that is what I want to get at today, it is in the DOING that we are able to give.


I am usually not into TV shows where there are judges and then people vote for whomever they like, but for some reason (probably because I was just tired and needed to veg) I turned on “America’s Got Talent”.  And there was an amazing person that I just happened to tune in for at the right time.  She was a singer/songwriter and performed an original song in the first round of the competition. It was amazing, the song had so much depth and her voice was amazing, and she was deaf.  It was Mandy Harvey. You really should go read her story.  But, I was touched by her, not just her vocal or her musical tone, but by her courage to not just audition for AGT but to return to music in her life. She got a golden buzzer from Simon and the AGT journey began, she ended up being 4th overall this season, but she didn’t walk away a loser by any means, she has so much ahead of her and she is doing it little by little with courage and grace.  What an amazing example of DOING something to help others and in turn helping her find herself.


My cute husband and I watched a foreign film last night.  We hardly ever watch movies, so it was hard to even choose a movie, but I had heard about it from the book so we launched into it.  At first, I thought I was not going to be super into the movie because I had to read all the subtitles, but I was wrong.  It was called, “A Man Called Ove.” You can watch the trailer here. I really wanted to read the book but our library doesn’t have it, which I couldn’t believe, and I rarely buy a book unless I really know I am going to like it.  Well, the short of if it is this, Ove is a grumpy old widower and is the mindset of everyone is out to make him miserable so he is going to make everyone else miserable.  But as the story unfolds, we learn of Ove’s story and how he lost the joy in his life because of little choices along the way.  In the end he turns around and learns how to find joy and touches many others that are in his path.  I am not going to lie, I was bawling through the end and as I kneeled down to say my prayers last night I found myself feeling all sorts of emotions for this made up character that hit home for me.  It was a great exercise of introspection and love for all those people in my life, that even though they have their own struggles, reach out to others.

Just this week I have been blessed by the love of others.  From a text, an email, a Facebook message, a smile at kindergarten pick up, a huggle (a hug and a snuggle) from my three year old who is so cute but the terrible threes are making her look bad, going out to lunch, the big smile my 7 year old gives me when she comes walking toward the van when we pick her up from school, my  5 year old asking endless questions and being able to learn together, my husband taking time to be together with me and talk to me and love me and watch the kids while I go to meetings and folding laundry and sweep the floor and take the time to understand me. I just hope that I can give back to others in ways that they need, in ways that they will know that someone loves them, cares for them, and that we all have a Heavenly Father who puts people in our paths to be His earthly hands.

Many times it seems like there are no earthly hands waiting for us to give us a hug, pick us up, or just talk to, but I know that it is in those times that as we reach toward God and talk to Him we will feel heavenly hands.  I have had lonely times in my life and times where I was purposely lonely, but I always can turn to God.  He knows me, and He knows each one of us.  As small and insignificant as we seem, He can help us to get up and DO.


Just keeping it real

I have just been keeping it real here the past few weeks.  Two of my kids started school so that was exciting.  It is weird to just have one kid home with me for the 2 and 1/2 hours of kindergarten.  She thinks it is the greatest thing in the world.  When people ask my little three year old what she does with mom when the other kids are at school, her answer is always, “Me and mom get to hang out!”  Haha.  Then I got a new calling (ie a new responsibility) in my church which was totally unexpected and threw me for a loop.  Then I got a cold.  It started out as tons of snot running down my throat, to a hot and burning sore throat, to a mucus-y cough, to a dry cough, and then I lost my voice.  One night after being up coughing all night and my head feeling like it was going to explode from the sinus pressure, I was sure it was something more than a cold.  Then my phone went crazy.  It turned itself off and then got stuck in a “boot loop”.  My cute hubby tried everything to try and fix it, we took it to a local repair place, but they didn’t want to be too invasive because of the warranty (I only had the phone for less than 6 weeks) so then we had to call the company we got it from and it just so happened to be a holiday weekend, so OF COURSE they were closed.  On top of it, I went to the doctor, and he told me I had a cold (oh really?!) and that I would probably be coughing for 3 weeks or more.  The next day after going to the doctor, guess what?  I got pink eye and had to go again.  Seriously…SO…I am going on two weeks of coughing and on my second week of no phone.

In one way it has been nice to not have a phone, especially when I was at the height of being sick and couldn’t really think.  My head was literally full of snot and I just couldn’t think.  It has been nice to not worry about charging my phone or forgetting it somewhere and just be more present with what is actually going on around me.  I don’t have the need to see if someone has sent me a message or if an email went through.  I guess all in all, I have been less distracted.

On the other hand it has been hard to not be able to text or call someone when I feel the need.  I have worried about something going wrong at school with my kids and they try and call me, but there is no answer.  I miss my daily texts at lunch time from my cute husband. So, I miss my small human connections that my phone helps me to propagate.

So, here is to another week of coughing and hopefully only half another week without a phone.