The NON-shopper

mandalay-bay-retail-resort-shops-shopping-bagsEveryone has talents right?  Well, I am going to tell you about a talent I DO NOT have.  I do not have the talent of shopping.  I don’t really enjoy shopping for food, because it is like a bottomless pit.  I am not good at just browsing, if I go to the store I want to have a reason.  I am not good at clothes shopping, I seriously struggle with having a sense of style.  If I had the money I would just pay someone to go and find some clothes for me.  Now, let’s get one thing clear…I do not have money to buy new clothes usually.  I still am not sure how some people always seem to never wear the same thing twice and are always wearing the newest fashion.  What happens to their clothes, they must have a magic closet?  I wish I had a magic closet.

I did have a magic closet.  Let me explain.  I am the youngest of five kids, two brothers, two sisters, and then me.  My magic closet came in the form of my sisters’ clothes.  I was always the “biggest” sister in size which worked in my favor because then I could just borrow something in the “magic” closet!  It was a sad day when they both of them were out of the house and married, the magic closet disappeared and my woes with being a non-fashionista had begun.  I can match clothes, don’t get me wrong, but picking out the right ones is the HUGE problem.  My other magic closet came when I went to college, insert roommates.  Thankfully one of my roommates (who is still one of my best friends) was very fashionable and nice to help me out in the fashion area.  Then after college, my magic closet disappeared.

We had a wedding coming up in the family and we are all suppose to wear one or some of the colors, I totally understand, but my HUGE problem has come out again.  It has been rough and with colors not in season as of right now, my lack of talent was not helping me.  I was totally discouraged and disheartened.  To add to my lack of talent, it doesn’t help that I am not the same body type that is compatible with many popular styles. So I felt like I had my lack of talent and the fashion world against me.  I was totally stressed out about it, spent way too much time on my phone googling things, looking through clothes, and just getting more discouraged.  Enter, my sweet husband to put things into perspective.  He is so great, seriously.  I was able to calm me down and I wasn’t the fashionista at the party, but at least I found something.  Hopefully it didn’t look too bad, and if it did…I would love someone to be my free shopping assistant.

The other point in my life when my non-talent really creeps is in clothes for family pictures.  Wow, it is HARD for me.  I can’t just pull things out of closets and make everything look good together, that is a huge talent.  I am always amazed when I see family pictures and how I would never have thought that some things look good together, but the picture is amazing!  So, if you see me in my struggle to look presentable, I probably do need help, tell me what works and what doesn’t and hopefully I can be a little more fashionable than my three-year-old who wears a different shade of pink for every piece of clothing and then her bright green frog boots to finish it off!