Happy New Year of Yoga

”The thinking brain, the neo cortex, is the seed of our freewill and allows us to have a choice and opinion. The one thing I noticed about people who had changes in health had changed their thinking. If they changed their thinking, was the effect in the brain sending a new signal to their body? The answer is yes… Our thoughts have a direct connection to our direct level of health. Thoughts make a chemical. If you have happy thoughts then you’re producing chemicals that make you feel happy. It you have negative thoughts, angry thoughts or insecure thoughts, those thoughts make chemicals to make you feel how you’re thinking… There is sound evidence that our thoughts do matter. We always replace those old patterns with a greater ideal of ourselves. If rehearsed mentally, we will grow new circuits in the brain, the platform in which we stand on to execute a new level of self.”

– Dr. Joseph Dispenza from Physics, the Brain and Your Reality


Just let that settle in. Isn’t it amazing how our thoughts can make or break us?  Now, onto the post.

I am sure that everyone has been thinking about what they want to do with this new year.  Most people make goals or resolutions at the beginning of the year and put them on the shelf.  If you want to read a good blog post about where the name January comes from, read this.  I love the imagery of looking forward and backward, because that is what I tend to do.

Two years ago I made it a goal to exercise more.  I signed up for a program called Great in 8, where you were paired with a team, had daily accountability in regards to food, water intake, and exercise and had to report back weekly.  To be truthful, my perfectionist me was having anxiety over the whole thing.  Seriously, I thought about getting out and going to eat my tub of cookie dough with a helping of brownies and a tall glass of milk.  But, I didn’t.  I pushed through those 8 weeks and looked forward to treat day!  But you know what, I didn’t lose any weight, and I actually didn’t want to eat very much because on the program you got points for each veggie you ate, so I was eating more.  And I didn’t feel as awesome as I thought I was going to. But mentally, I felt like a champion.  I didn’t give up and I made it through all 8 weeks, with an awesome team (and made some amazing friends!). Besides that 8 weeks though, I was not too into exercising.  At the time I was mom to three busy active kids under 5, my husband was in graduate school and working his full time job and I just couldn’t keep it up.  I tried getting up early to exercise but then I turned into a mom basket case.

Last year I made a goal to exercise 4-5 times a week.  I was motivated and I was determined but I changed my goal in April to 2-3 times a week.  I still wasn’t doing that and then I noticed my body changing.  On my downhill slide to 40, I started seeing my metabolism slow down and I didn’t like that.  So in August I recommitted myself to 3 days a week.  I started off just being more mindful of exercise and doing my favorite workout DVD’s.  It started out great, but I hit a plateau.  So I went on You Tube, yep I did, and I started doing some yoga.  I had done some yoga before but not consistently or whatever.  Well, I found a channel that I love and it had just want I needed.  30 days of yoga…now I love a challenge, so in October I started my at home practice with Yoga with Adriene.  I bumped my goal up and I have been doing yoga 4-5 times a week since October of last year.  I feel great.  I can’t say I have lost a ton of weight, but I haven’t gained.  So I like to say that I exercise to support my food habit!  Haha.

Any who….one aspect of yoga that Adriene mixes into her practice is the practice of being kind to self and of working with you, not just pretzeling into a shape and holding your breath, but accepting where you are and that each day is a gift.  It has been amazing for my physical and mental health.  My favorite so far has been Yoga Revolution. It was 31 days of awesome!  I can’t wait to do this year’s challenge which is called True, but I have been finishing up another series.  So, you probably won’t see me in a public class, but my at home practice is amazing, for me.  Another bonus…my sciatica pain is pretty much gone.  I get a flare up every now and then, but it is amazing to not be in pain all the time!!!  Hip openers are my friend, forever!  So, go out on a limb, try something new and do some yoga!



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