Strawberries and Shrimp

I am allergic to shrimp.  If you want to be more technical, I am really allergic to shell fish.  And you know what?  I am glad.  Shrimp, especially, always freaked me out.  It just seemed wrong.  Actually, I adopted a line from “Finding Nemo” which I repeated often, “Fish are friends NOT food.” Ok, so you got me.  I actually do like fish, but shrimp is another matter.  So imagine my surprise when my daughter’s 1st grade teacher asks me about a “real pet shrimp”.  Haha.  The definition of REAL for my little silly is a little stuffed shrimp (that is in reality a lobster) whom she named, Shrimp-loctaver.


Well, this past summer we learned that one of my kids is allergic to strawberries.  That is right, strawberries.  It is really sad because everyone else wants to just gobble them all up.  But it was not something that I really wanted to mess around with because every time they were eaten by said kid, throw up would ensue and dry heaving for HOURS!!!!  It was horrible.  Every time my kid saw strawberries it was like replaying the sad part in a movie.

So what is the difference?  I am actually happy about not eating shrimp, but my kid is terribly sad about it.  And that is where the thought comes in about why not having it (the offending food) makes us better.  We tend to avoid things that we don’t like, but what if there is something that you really do like but when you partake in it, you end up dry heaving for hours.  It is a lot like life. There are just some things that I can stay away from no problem and that helps me to become better.  But there are some things that I REALLY like but that are not good for me physically, mentally, or emotionally, but I still partake in them. Sometimes it is hard to protect from an offending food, but what precautions will you take to stay away from the trigger?

What is your weakness?  What are you willing to do without to make you a better you? Are you willing to put a measuring guide up before you choose?  What will be on your list of blessings?   I choose no shrimp, I choose more sleep, and I choose to do the best that I can every day.