What’s in a Name

You might be wondering how I came up with the name of my blog.  Well, you are in luck, let me tell you about it! I read a book by Mitch Albom a long time ago, called “For One More Day”.  One part talked about how our own story starts with our mom’s story and that the reason we want to go home is not to see how it is always the same but to see how the trees have grown.  So when I was contemplating a blog I was talking to my husband about a name for my creation.  I kept coming up with silly names involving freckles or something weird with red hair (because I have both), but then he reminded me that I don’t ever talk highly of my freckles and I really wouldn’t want to be known as the red head girl that hated her freckles. Being the wonderful husband that he is, he helped me out.  He mentioned fireworks and socks. These two seemingly unrelated words to you, have tons of meaning for us, but I felt like it was missing something, so lemonade came into play. Then my literary husband also helped with the placement of the words, so it “sounded” correct!

Fireworks. Scott and I knew each other for awhile before we ever went on a date which was completely fine.  When we did go out, it was not love at first sight for either of us; actually, he got sick on our first date.  NO, I didn’t make him sick but he got sick from the frozen custard that he ate…so understandably he wasn’t super excited to ask me out again.  Anyway, a few weeks later a mutual friend we had invited me to a firework celebration and I in turn asked Scott to come.  So we went to the firework show together and met up with our friend, who we pretty much ignored the whole night.  The short of the story is Scott saw “fireworks” that night, not just lighting up the night, but lighting up our relationship. Scott actually wrote a song for me entitled, “Fireworks,” when we were dating.  Now if that is not one way to a woman’s heart, I don’t know what is.  He wrote it, performed it, burned it on a CD and gave it to me as a present! The lyrics now sit on the top of our piano!


Socks. I have long loved crazy and fun socks.  Seriously, who doesn’t like to wear fun socks?! Scott knew about my sock craziness and previous to our firework date, bought some socks for the occasion!  How sweet!  To this day, 10 years later he ALWAYS gets me socks for Christmas (even though I don’t really need them)! He is great!  After we had been married a couple of years, Scott wrote another song about how we met and all the funny things that happened.  Part of the lyrics say, “Who’d have thought we bond over fireworks and socks!”


Lemonade. Life does not always make lemonade for us, we have to choose to make it for ourselves.  I definitely believe that we choose our attitude in our lives.  Sometimes it is not easy to make lemonade when we are wrapped up in whatever is happening around us, but we can do it. Another song written by my love, is about the simple things in life, like going on a drive down Highway 89, and being together.


So the combination of these three things are fun and important things in the life of our family.  Also, we have three kids and these three words some days are exact definitions for our kids…fireworks= exploding, socks= crazy, and spilled lemonade.  I love them all and I am so grateful for this fun time!  The story of our blog starts here, and I hope to come back a lot to see how the trees are growing.